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Kitchen cabinets, when well looked after, can last for about 50 years. In case you are living in an old home, chances are your cabinet might be aging and wearing out. With time the cabinets lose their luster and fade, affecting the entire look of the kitchen.

However, there is an easy and economical way to dramatically transform the look and feel of your kitchen with Icarus cabinet painters in Charlotte. Instead of replacing your cabinets, if they are in good shape, you can have them refinished to make them as good as new. When you feel your kitchen cabinets need updating or refreshing, reach out to us so that our professional kitchen cabinet painter can renew their beauty.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
Finding the best kitchen cabinet refinishing and paintings at a reasonable price in Charlotte often becomes challenging at times! It takes pennies to invest in transforming your old-style kitchen or bathroom cabinets into new ones and giving your home interior an exclusive new look.
To make this convenient and a highly prolific experience for you, Icarus Pro Painters provides the best cabinet refinishing in Charlotte, North Carolina. We excel in revitalizing home cabinets.
The Icarus Pro Painters is a full-service painting contractor based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re best in refinishing & repainting cabinets in your bathroom, kitchen, office, laundry room, or any room in your place with storage cabinets. We apply a new smooth finish to your cabinets that resist scratches, stains, chips and can be easily maintained by wiping them with a clean wet cloth.
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What Choices We Have In Cabinet Refinishing

A refinishing bathroom or kitchen cabinets is an instant way to get a contemporary and trendy look to your home without a high expanse. For this reason, our customers laud our efforts for bringing a dramatic difference to your home.
Why spend your dollars replacing cabinetry when we can make it new by installing new modern hardware? This will certainly make a significant impact on your home. Following are the best choices we offer in kitchen cabinet refinishing;

How We Satisfy Charlotte Customers With Our Cabinet Refinishing Procedure?

Our cabinet refinishing process completes in the following steps;
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Revamping Your Kitchen is Now a Breeze

Any reconstruction or repairing work in your home is a time-consuming endeavor that also has an effect on your routine as well. The experienced cabinet painters in Charlotte at Icarus Painters make sure the entire cabinet venture is less time-consuming, less problematic, and is more perfect!

We use high-quality materials to give your cabinets an appealing and lasting finish. Hire professional painters at Icarus Painters to make cabinet refinishing a breeze. We have color consultants who help you with choosing the color and finishing of your kitchen cabinets.

Why Go For Cabinet Refinishing

Add Value to Your Home in an Economical Way

Cabinet refinishing is one of the best ways to add value to your home in case you are planning on selling it. Refinishing is the best option compared to a complete remodel of the kitchen. The new look of the kitchen has an impact on the minds of the potential buyer and gives out a positive impression.

Simple and Convenient

Replacing your kitchen cabinets fully can take a long time. Not being able to use your kitchen even for an hour makes life difficult. Imagine the havoc weeks would result in. Refinishing options are thus better and is convenient.

Eco-Friendly Option

Everyone is striving to reduce their carbon footprint, which is a responsible step. If you are not remodeling your cabinets and they are in a good position, getting them refinished is better than piling them onto the hazardous waste.

Give Icarus Pro Painters a call to hand over your cabinets to caring and creative hands. The next time you wonder about the best cabinet refinishing near me, you know who to contact!

For a more upgraded look, we can even add new present-day equipment, for example, cabinet handles, handles, and fix any messed up or bowed pivots, so your cupboards don’t simply look new; they feel unique as well!
Refinishing cabinets give your home interior a pristine look without a significant expense. Icarus Pro Painters stands ultimate for cabinet refinishing services throughout the Charlotte region. Either it’s your old or obsolete bathroom or kitchen cabinet, we can give a pristine look within your cost.
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