Revive Your Cabinet Look With Our Professional Cabinet Painting!

The newness of cabinets becomes fade at a certain time! This makes your bathroom and kitchen look old and outdated; you put effort scrubbing hard with detergents to make your cabinets look new and fresh, but no hassle anymore! Icarus Pro Painters bring at your service the best professional kitchen cabinet painting in Charlotte, NC.
The goal of professional cabinet painting is to give it a newly mounted look and make it look like it never required repainting. Here, we make a hype by making you fall in love with your space again with quality cabinet painting and refinishing services throughout Carolinas.
Now you can revive the look of your cabinets in the most convenient way! We use proficient application techniques apart from using the best coatings available.

How We Do Justice with Our Service Making it Masterwork?

Kitchen Cabinet painting is our specialty. While painting cabinets, we place them in stands so the paint dries evenly and does not get any dust on them. When we take work in our hands, we make sure to revive the look of your kitchen cabinets and make them protective using proper spray application by our experienced spray painters.
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We never bring an up-front installment, so you can believe that our spotless and expert teams will show up on schedule and strive to ensure you love the outcomes. We focus on detail, and it shows in our work. With kitchens turning into the most famous room in the home, shouldn’t yours have the correct style?
With Icarus Pro Painters, we make sure you;

Our Premium Products for Expert Cabinet Painting Services

We firmly acknowledge that the first impression matters a lot, and so for best results, we use quality premium products for professional kitchen cabinet painting. For fixes, we utilize premium-quality materials, similar to our 45-year caulks and strong putties. It’s the reason our dividers hold up over the long haul, giving you solid outcomes you can depend on.
With our full scope of business painting administrations, you can rapidly tidy up your space, regardless of whether it’s an office, stockroom, or retail space.

Your Dream Kitchen Begins at Icarus Professional Cabinet Painting

Your kitchen is not only the most functional and used part of your house but is also your favorite one. A cluttered or old kitchen with worn-out cabinets and drawers is certainly not the place you would want to spend your time in. If getting your kitchen completely remodeled is not affordable for you, Icarus brings you a more convenient and economical way of falling in love with your kitchen again! With our professional cabinet painting services, we help you change the look and feel of your kitchen so you can take your time cooking your favorite recipes instead of rushing out of there. A simple change of color and style can lift up the space so that you will be amazed by the results.

Painting the Heart of Your Home with All the Right Colors

You can rely on Icarus Painter’s cabinet refinishing service to get the perfect shade, contrast, and hues for your kitchen to make it even better than new! The kitchen is the place where you share delicious food and amazing experiences, making it all the more important to beautify the space by pairing up with one of the best cabinet painting companies in Charlotte, NC.

We are the best people there to help you with your cabinet makeovers, and our work and experience speak for our claim. You get the highest quality paints that do not fade or flake and sit well with your cabinets, making them look more appealing.

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Save Yourself the Hassle of Scrubbing and Polishing

You no longer need to scrub and polish your cabinets in the hope of making them look new when they clearly need a fresh coat of paint on them. Icarus offers kitchen cabinet painting in Charlotte, NC, to save you from making any extra efforts and spending more than required on those cabinets.

Fall in love with your cabinets with high-quality painting and finishing services. You can get down with our contractors to decide on the best paints and color schemes that would go with your cabinets. We practice the best methods to make sure the cabinets remain safe and, when attached, breathe new life into your kitchen.

Best Time to Make Changes

When we are offering our Charlotte painting services, it is the best time for you to make changes to your kitchen. With the new appliances in the market and the desire to upgrade the kitchen with them, the refinishing times offers you the best opportunity to make modifications for storage and space.

The cabinets and drawers can be rearranged to make space for any new appliance you wish to install so that the final look of your kitchen matches the glitzy, glamorous interior décor magazines. We make sure your kitchen is ready to use within the decided time so that you don’t have to experience the trouble of eating out or taking favors.

Why Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Painted

Let’s Together Make Your Kitchen Look Trendy

You can reach out to the Icarus Pro Painters team of professional painters for kitchen cabinets to discuss your project. They will start working on a plan once they visit your home. To help you get an idea of your total investment, we can provide preliminary pricing using photos of your kitchen.

Contact Icarus Pro Painters for your only solution for professional kitchen cabinet painting to get a free estimate. We provide you with a comprehensive, transparent quote that takes into consideration the full value of our services and expertise. For us, there are never shortcuts, nor do we like them to get things done. We do our best to update your kitchen with our years of experience in cabinet painting, and refinishing.

We work in coordinated shifts, so we will not disturb the usefulness of your business. With the undeniable degree of detail, consideration, and proficiency we bring to our business painting administrations, we’ll have your space looking cleaned right away.
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